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the goal behind bayr 【/bɛː/】 is to connect people around the world with traditional japanese culture. as the digital world progresses, traditional patterns and textiles are often forgotten and neglected. all handbags are currently handmade in the usa with textiles sourced from tokyo.

bayr accessories consists of traditional japanese motifs that are paired with leather, then bundled into a unique accessory.

while the designer has since moved back to the usa from tokyo, bayr's designs are inspired from bits and pieces of her life and experience living in japan;
from aesthetically pleasing decor to traditional holidays, she loves how japan continues to celebrate their unique culture amidst the world's technological progression.


with bayr, you can carry a small piece of japan with you no matter where you are in the world.


where are you shipping from?

bayr products are made in and shipped from nj, usa.


what are your delivery options?


all domestic usa orders can be shipped via usps or ups. international orders will be shipped via usps. delivery times and rates vary on country, and can be found on the checkout page.

how do I track my order?


when you receive your It's shipping! e-mail, it will include a tracking number and a link to your tracking page for you to follow your package

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